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JULY 25th @6:00 TO 7:30 PM


Love the CD! - “We picked up your CD during your set, and I play it every morning on the way to work. It's like a little vacation from the cold weather - reminds me of when I lived in Puerto Rico.”

Saw you live — “Was lucky to catch Daniel playing solo last Sunday. Best Spanish guitar live I have ever heard. Truly outstanding!”

Listening to the album - “Yes sun, no clouds, breeze- soaking up Vit D, relaxing and listening to Daniel King... love that guitar 🎶 🎼 🎵.. close my eyes and in the islands!”


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Plaza Caribe

by Daniel King


Dave Michaels at DMB Records for various instrumentation and stellar mixing and mastering.

Ryan T. Carey for an exquisite bulerias guitar intro on Llegada. He has been a great inspiration to me as an aspiring flamenco guitarist.

Damone Jackson for drums/percussion on Verano Eterno, Plaza Caribe, Brisas De Rincon, Bamboo Tamboo, and Tres Para Tango.

Angel Lopez for all the trumpet work. The guy shows up and makes magic like a pro.

Luis Carrion for the cuatro rhythm and solo in Bamboo.

Steve Imburgia for percussion work on Plaza Caribe and Brisas De Rincon.

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Meet The Pros


Daniel King and his band are a Spanish guitar group based out of Rochester, NY. Their music combines traditional flamenco guitar technique with Caribbean island rhythms. Daniel King released his debut EP Plaza Caribe in July 2018 with the independent label DMB Records.


Lead Guitar / Daniel King
Harmony and Rhythm Guitar / Keith Dudinski
Harmony and Rhythm Guitar / Zack Mikida
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar / Camila Ospina
Bass / Ron Permoda
Percussion / Steve Imburgia


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News & Updates

Jazz Fest / Corn Hill Festival

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